Answered By: Cheryl Sebold
Last Updated: May 21, 2020     Views: 7

For best results when uncertain, use either Quick Search or Keyword Boolean in our online library catalog. For printed music, limit to Music score in the Quick Limit dropdown on the Basic Search screen (or on the Go to Limits screen with Format).


Hints for Quick Search or Keyword Boolean:

duet? retrieves duet and duets 
symphon? retrieves symphonic, symphonies, symphony
Medium of performance

orchest? retrieves orchester, orchestra, orchestral, orchestra's 
flute retrieves items with one flute 
flute? retrieves items with one, two and more flutes
Combine words with form, medium, and title

(Quick Search must find all words entered or it gives no results.) 
(Keyword Boolean requires and, or, not between multiple words or quotes around phrases for results.)

Quick Search: brahms song? 
Keyword Boolean: brahms and song?
Quick Search: brahms song? soprano? 
Keyword Boolean: brahms and song? and soprano?
Keyword Boolean: (duet? or duo?) and piano 
Keyword Boolean: (flute? or recorder?) and piano
Quick Search: moonlight sonata 
Keyword Boolean: moonlight and sonata 
Keyword Boolean: "moonlight sonata" 
    (Use quotes around adjacent words for a precise search.)